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Main: (909) 303 9100

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1000 w Foothill blvd suite B, Claremont CA 91711

Student Loan Contact

Main: (909) 303 9102

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mail: Info@blueprintsquad.com

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Wage Garnishment and Rehabilitation Assistance: studentloanhelp@blueprintsquad.com

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*Your Blueprint is a specialize company that educates student loan borrowers on government programs and prepare applications for applicants who wish to enroll into the various programs offered through The Department of Education. We will counsel and walk you through your options and help prepare and finalize your documents, depending on which program(s) you choose. Your Blueprint is not affiliated with Federal, State, or Local Government agencies. Your Blueprint is not a loan servicer or originator. Consumers with student loan debt have the legal right to use an attorney or process federal student loan services documentation on their own behalf through the Department Of Education.