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Credit Repair

credit repair


With Your Blueprint you get a personalize plan custom just for you, every client is different.

how does it work:

At Your Blueprint we make every effort to make the credit repair process as easy and hassle-free as possible. We have designed a proven and effective way to help repair and build our Clients credit. Your Blueprint focuses on raising our Clients credit score which is calculated by 5 factors. Payment history (35%), Debt owed (30%), length of credit history (15%), new credit/inquires (10%), and mixture of credit (10%).


Credit Report Consultation

Free Credit Report Consultation. We need to analyze your credit report to give a proper estimate. We can then determine if you need any help in the areas below:

Schedule a 30 minute Credit Report Consultation with our Credit Professionals to go over your credit report.

Building your credit

Debt settlement

Debt consolidation

Student loan consolidation

Applying for a mortgage or auto loan

Refinancing a mortgage or auto loan


Initial Credit Audit

Enroll in our program after speaking to one of our  Credit Consultants, and for us to conduct your Initial Audit. We will perform the following services below and more:

Provided with 24/7 Online Account Access

Prepare 1st Round of Dispute Letters

Enroll in Credit Monitoring

Obtain Identification Documents

STEP three

Build & Establish Credit

Start building and establishing credit. We recommend that you have at least five (5) open & active accounts on your credit report to maximize your credit score. Our company will help and guide you with applying for the following:

Authorized User (Trade Lines) Accounts

Secured Credit Cards

Credit Builder Accounts

Auto Loans

Department Store Charge Cards

Merchandise Credit Lines


Providing Equal Opportunity

Credit piggybacking has been a credit-building strategy that has benefited primarily the privileged for over 40 years. Your Blueprint aims to promote equal credit opportunity by making this option available to everyone.

Traditionally, many parents have been advised to add their kids to their credit cards as authorized users to give them a head start in life. Sadly, not everyone has a parent with good credit to do that. Additionally, a large scale study of 300,000 credit profiles concluded that approximately one-third of our entire nation has one or more authorized user tradelines in their credit file.

This same study pointed out that minorities and the lower demographic sectors were less likely to have these types of tradelines, which is further evidence of the inequality that exists in our financial system.

Your Blueprint  helps reduce this inequality by providing an equal opportunity for those who were not fortunate enough to have a friend or family member provide such a favor.

Lets us handle the hardest part

Auto Club

Car buyers benefit by letting Your Blueprint do the hard work to get better prices on the cars they want. What Does Your Blueprint Do? When you’re car shopping and looking to save money, seasoned Your Blueprint obtain the best prices for you and eliminate the hassle of negotiating with car dealerships.

Basically you get the entire VIP Service;

• We submit you application

• We negotiate price and rate and term to determine the best payment for you.

• Documents are printed and ready for you to sign  when you get there.

• Car will be ready to go!

That Simple