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Luz Corral

My name is Luz Corral better known as "The Credit Expert."

Luz Corral “The Credit Expert” has been in the credit industry since 2011. Born in Parral Chihuahua Mexico, Luz came to California when she was 15 years old. Having to adjust to a different country, language and culture while away from her parents was not easy.   

Soon after high school she realized she needed to move out and create a life of her own. Starting her career in sales, she worked with a team, and they quickly became the top sales team almost every month. They were killing it! 

Luz stumbled into a job at a car dealership as a telemarketer and got hired on the spot. Within 16 months she was promoted to a manager’s position leading a team of 8 girls. After 6 years of determination Luz became the General Sales Manager, making her the first 25-year-old Latina with that position.  Her experience working at a car dealership was bittersweet, while that job taught her so much, she also lost a lot.  From 2007 to 2010 she was offered other positions working for different companies, always doing the same, managing sales teams.   

It was 2011 when she realized she needed to start her own business and credit repair is what she wanted to do. She started with her own friends and family. Soon after that with referrals and people that desperately needed her help.

She hasn’t looked back ever since. Luz’s expertise in finance, sales and credit have been her main strength in being able to assist clients with everything they need when it comes to credit.

Every client’s situation and needs are different, so she often finds herself coming up with innovative solutions and ways to fix any issues.  

Luz’s passion to educate and guide generations to come stems from her personal experience.

Luz thrives while helping clients reach their big milestones. Whether that is a home purchase, getting a new car or simply getting approved for necessary credit cards.  

Luz hopes to build a legacy for her kids and help more generations. Her personal goal is to create a Credit School and teach our youth the importance of credit and how to utilize it towards their own benefit.

Our society needs more of that! More knowledge about real life, student loans, mortgage loans, investments, stocks and other important financial decisions.

“I’m not exactly where I want to be but I’m 💯 sure I’m on the right track.”